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 情報欄への回答 - kuwa (2008年06月08日 22時54分25秒)


VkDB is not a news flash site. "Accuracy" is more necessary than "Earliness" of information.
Because time to confirm information doesn't suffice for me, lock is reluctantly done.
To cancel this, the parallel description of the information acquisition origin is requested.
And, because you disregard my warning many times, it is very troubled as Webmaster for World Wide Web Site. I do not want to close this site.

The edit authority on the page that lock is done is ready to be offered. However, communications with me are necessary for this.
Lock on some pages is released.
Because these sentences are the automatic translations, it is likely not to be translated accurately.

When sentences of "情報" column are deleted or are updated, it is
necessary to describe the reason clearly.
Because this rule was always disregarded, the edit of all pages was prohibited.
It is very regrettable.

  • The rule was not observed. Therefore, all page was locked. It is very sad for me. - kuwa (2008年06月23日 01時30分47秒)
  • please don't lock the pages of VincentClocheBLACK SHIPMarie - 名無しさん (2008年08月10日 23時14分06秒)
  • I decline to accept.This site cannot allow your selfish behavior. - kuwa (2008年08月11日 01時12分50秒)
  • Your behavior deprives other visitors of the profit. Please understand it. - kuwa (2008年08月11日 01時15分38秒)
  • Why is the advice that happens one after another disregarded? - kuwa (2008年08月11日 01時21分10秒)
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